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3GSM World Congress

18th – 21th February 2003, Cannes.
GSM World Congress 2003 – Summary Every year when I return from an exciting week in Cannes, I sit down and look back at the many impressions imprinted in my mind from the many meetings, presentations, conferences and lots of networking with colleagues in the mobile business. After last years conference I was pretty sure that we would see a market moving towards data services and at this years conference the mobile operators, terminal manufactures, technology companies and the the content and service providers have shown all of us and the worlds press, that the mobile world is now ready for data services.

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On the fourth day of the congress, it was the turn of the media companies to have their say and it is not every day that they get the chance to address mobile operators from all over the world, sitting right in front of them. One of the things that slowly became apparent during the day is that the media companies and the mobile operators still have difficulty in fully understanding each other’s businesses – both still seem to have a little bit of an attitude of “Do you realise who I am” in the sense of “I am someone really important”.

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Today it was the turn of the mobile operators to kick of the third day of the GSM World Congress with their keynote speeches. The first operator to take the stage in front of an audience of somewhere around 1000 people was Moon Soo Pyo, President of South Korean SK Telecom.

Not unsurprisingly for those who have take a closer look at the South Korean mobile market and what the mobile operators have been doing out there, Moon Soo Pyo showed the audience that it is content and services that drives new technology and by focusing on the users and their needs – SK Telecom were doing very well with their 2.5G and now also 3G rollout.

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Tuesday 18th February: New announcements from Symbian will put Symbian inside 40% of mobile phones in 2004

On the first day of the actual GSM World Congress exhibition, visitors flocked around the fully working 3G colour video handsets on various stands, to try video conferencing on a mobile phone for themselves, while industry leaders continued with their announcements of new products and partnership agreements at today’s conference.

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Monday 17th February:

Open Standards high on the agenda on the GMS World Congress opening day.

Today the 18th GSM World Congress opened in Cannes, where over 28000 delegates from the whole mobile world will meet during the next five days and show – and talk about – what lies ahead for the mobile industry.

For a change, the mobile operators could lean back and enjoy themselves, as no one was complaining about the operators – but were surprisingly courting them instead, with the realisation that most future mobile business will start with the relationship between the mobile customer – and the mobile operator! The focus was on ease of use for the mobile customers – and thereby helping the mobile operators make money. Read More here:  

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3GSM World Congress 2003

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