10 Steps to reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation

A survey of the past 20 years of building and operating mobile networks clearly shows that conditions for mobile operators have gotten worse for operators, not better. At present the process to erect a single mobile mast/antenna can take between 12 – 18 months and cost €100.000 – €250.000.

Consumers increasingly complain about coverage at a time when operators are investing in expansion and new technologies more than ever before. Building and running a mobile network can exceed 12 – 18% of the operator’s sales. In an era where consumer demand for data accessed by mobile networks is exploding but revenues for operators are not growing, operators need to take concerted steps to reduce cost.

The goal of Strand Consult’s mobile mast concept “10 Steps to reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation” is to save time and money for operators, as we have already done in a number of countries. We do this by educating mobile operators about our proven 10 step structured process. This strategy is bolstered by a set of knowledge, training, and tools which we provide to operators over a 12 – 24 month period. We deliver a packet of:

• Modular knowledge structure improves learning and retention
• Prepared by a team of experts
• Based on international experience
• Used by a number of international operators successfully
• Proven results
• Save time, save money and improve coverage

This program identifies the problems and challenges faced by operators, the process to change the regulatory framework, detailed action items for implementation, and the results where there program has been employed. Key to this discussion is the role of municipalities, how they manage the mobile mast process, and how they influence the quality of mobile network coverage. Our package includes a series of interactive workshops, webinars and materials which together educate and empower mobile operators to change the operating conditions to their advantage.

In short, Strand Consult delivered nothing less than a complete reversal of the operating conditions in Denmark for mobile masts in just 18 months. For the first time in 20 years, a worsening situation for operators has been turned to operators’ advantage. Operators save millions in rental fees and the government has improved and transparent policies. Consumers have better mobile coverage. The results were achieved by Strand Consult in concert with the operators and a range of stakeholders using Strand Consult’s “10 Steps to reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation”.

This process can be used in other countries to deliver similar results.

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