Steen Thygesen

Senior Consultant

Steen Thygesen, Senior Consultant

Steen Thygesen has worked globally within mobile software, services, devices and telecommunications since 1989. He has a long track record within market development and the launch & growth of new ventures from companies such as Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Microsoft, Symbian, Psion Software and the Danish telecom firm TDC. Strand Consult retains Steen as a Senior Consultant for his expertise and strategic insight.

Steen Thygesen is also CEO of the Specialist People Foundation, a global non-profit dedicated to creating employment opportunities for people with autism spectrum disorders. Furthermore, he is also Chairman of Specialisterne Denmark, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Specialist People Foundation.

Steen has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Copenhagen University College of Engineering and an MBA from London Business School. He wrote Networks – Communications and Integra­tion (Prentice Hall 1998), a handbook for decision makers in the telecommunications industry.

Steen is married with 3 children and lives outside Copenhagen.  

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